Experience our HIITMuay that includes HIIT(High Intensity Intervals) x Muay Thai with the aim of burning the maximum amount of calories in 60 Minutes that helps you get results in no time!

The combination of HIIT and Muay Thai includes fundamentals to advanced movements that allows you to reach your greatest strength and potential to maximise burn and build lean muscle at the same time.

Our workouts are suitable for the complete beginner to the individuals who are looking to level up their fitness.

Kids Class

Learning Martial Arts provide the opportunity for your children to learn values at a young age such as discipline, resilience, and responsibility. It builds mental resilience as well as refining their motor skills, flexibility and reflexes. Our kids classes are carefully designed to ensure safety yet innovative ways to engage your child!

Group Training

Our Muay Thai classes accommodate all ages and skills levels. It is conducted in a safe and motivating environment that helps to cultivate mental strength, resilience, discipline, and confidence in you while developing self-defense skills.

Personal Training

Our personal training program is tailored to cater to your needs based on your fitness goals – losing weight, gaining muscles, tone-up, sharpening your technical or clinching skills as well as fighters looking to train for their fight.